Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There are already a number of natural balancing creams on the market. Why offer one more?

Many excellent creams contain the ingredients that Dr. Lee recommended in the proper amounts. However, there is no industry standard to certify that natural balancing creams conform to Dr. Lee’s recommendations. As such, we are offering Progesterine™ as a product that will always conform to those recommendations.

Q. I am a healthcare practitioner. Can I purchase Progesterine™ for resale to my patients?

Yes … licensed healthcare practitioners can purchase Progesterine™ at discounted prices for resale to their patients.
Create an account and let us know by sending an e-mail to info@abanda.nl that you did so, including your name and address.
We will registrate in our backoffice a discount based on € 32,95 for a minimum order of 10 tubes (the minimum of 10 tubes is also to make the shippingcosts efficient for you)